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5 best drought tolerant plants

For a Beautiful Garden

Living in California doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful, low maintenance garden. There are several drought resistant garden plants that make colorful additions to any landscaped area.  The following are the perfect plants to save on water and time. They have very showy flowers with intense colors, and tend to bloom throughout the late spring to the late fall season. Additionally, they require little if any care once planted, which is a nice bonus factor to keep in mind.

Mexican  Bush Sage


For a showy shrub that is terrific for borders or highlight areas in landscaping, consider the Mexican bush sage. This plant will produce flowers of a variety of different purples that will attract butterflies all summer long. The shrub has an almost soft look to the leaves, and it will mature to about three feet tall and three feet wide, creating a mounded looking shrub. Perfect for both color and volume in a garden.

Pink Petticoat


Also known as the Mexican evening primrose, the Pink Petticoat is a terrific groundcover that will thrive in tough areas. It has a light pink to rosy pink flower that looks very much like a cup, and it blooms from spring to late summer months depending on your location. This plant can be an invasive species, but with care, they can be used as a border plant as well as a great option for a potted plant.



Rosemary is a very versatile woody herb that can be used to create low boundaries or shaped with pruning. Different varieties may be tall and more bush-like while others are ideal for groundcover.  This herb features needle-like dark green leaves and small flowers that can be white, blue, purple or pink depending on the variety. It gives off a pleasant aroma in the garden, particularly if you happen to brush by the leaves. Rosemary is also an essential herb in Italian and Mediterranean foods.



Like Rosemary, Lavender is a herb. These are ideal plants for anyone wanting beauty without any hassle. They just need occasional watering, and you will have

 a beautiful garden all spring and summer long.



The lantana is in the verbena family, and it offers dark green leaves combined with dazzling colorful clusters of flowers. The clusters are multicolored or solid in color, with red, orange and yellow all found in the same cluster. These flowers will bloom all growing season. Lantana will continue to come back year after year. It is great for attracting butterflies.

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