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Beat The Cold With These Fun Museums

Learning doesn’t have to be reserved for school and learning about new things as a family is a great way to spend the coldest days of winter vacation. If you are looking for some cool things to do with the kids this winter, why not try out these kid-friendly and very entertaining museums?

Children’s Discovery Museum

Located in San Jose, the Children’s Discovery Museum is a fun, interactive and very refreshing place to spend a morning or an afternoon. This is certainly not your stuffy old “hands off” type of museum. In fact, kids are encouraged to touch, try, create and explore all the exhibits. For more info visit

The Exploratorium

If a name really can say it all, then The Exploratorium is definitely a place to visit. This is a science themed museum that allows kids and parents to try out different scientific principles with fun, interactive and incredible exhibits. There is lots to see and do here, with activities for kids of all ages. For more info visit

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Most kids are fascinated by ancient civilizations, and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is the ideal place to spend a few hours on a cold winter day. There is a daily planetarium show that features opportunities for kids to learn about the solar system in a fun way. Additionally, you will get to stroll through ancient Egypt and see real Egyptian artifacts. This is the largest collection in the western part of North America, so it is well worth the adventure. For more info visit

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Instead of telling the kids to unplug for the day, why not take in the Tech Museum to teach them more about the devices they use on a daily basis? Complete with a spectacular IMAX theatre, this museum also offers interactive summer camps, exhibits, and lots of fun things to see and do. For more info visit

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