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Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions

One of the great things about the holiday season is that each family has the option to create holiday traditions that can be passed down to the next generation. While there are standard traditions such as decorating the tree and cooking the classic holiday turkey meal, there is always room for something unique and personalized to your family and your holiday celebration.


There are some important factors to keep in mind when thinking about a new holiday tradition. It should be something that is budget-friendly, works for people of all ages and is going to be fun to do for years to come.


To help you get started, here are a few ideas. Remember, build on them to create your own tradition as a fun way to add to the holiday celebration in your family:


• Holiday Music – compiling a playlist of holiday songs is a great activity for the whole family. Kids, parents and family can all suggest a favorite song to make an MP3 playlist or even a CD of the music for the season that changes every year. Check out the free holiday playlist on Google Music.


• A Christmas Walk/Drive – a very simple and easy idea is to have a family Christmas walk in your neighborhood. Invite people over and make some hot chocolate to take with you in to-go cups as you stroll through the neighborhood and look at the decorations. Alternatively, you can also take a Christmas drive  online-


• Christmas Eve – instead of trying to do everything on Christmas Day, why not have a Christmas Eve event? Have several different board games set up and play holiday music while everyone enjoys snacks and hot chocolate or hot spiced apple cider.


• International Pot-Luck – for a change from traditional holiday meals, have an international pot-luck gathering. Everyone can bring an appetizer, main dish or dessert from a different country, creating a unique meal that is going to be different each year. Depending on where you live you may also enjoy a day of sledding or ice skating or perhaps a holiday walk on the beach. Look for ways to include everyone in the family for a new Christmas tradition that is sure to continue into the future.


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