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Curb Side Appeal

Let’s face it, keeping a home looking great, especially when you are busy with work, kids and trying to balance a budget, can be a difficult task. It can seem overwhelming, especially if you spend any time watching home renovation shows or reading online about lengthy projects to give your home a new, updated look. For a busy family, these projects simply don’t offer the practical, easy and straightforward options you need to boost your home’s curb appeal. To make things easy, here are a few simple, quick and very low-cost options to have your home looking bright, fresh and welcoming.

Start Simple

If you stop and consider what all those big projects are trying to accomplish in enhancing curb appeal, it is really about making your home look fresh, vibrant and well maintained. There are some very simple things that you can do to create this same look. Start with the simple projects and you will be amazed at the change in the look of your home.


Some basic and easy curb appeal boosters include:

Sweep away debris using an old broom sweep over outside windows and doors as well as under the gutters and along the eaves, to get rid of cobwebs, dust, and debris.

Wash it down use a garden hose and sprayer, or rent a pressure washer, and blast off all the dust and dirt on your siding, porch, sidewalk and even the driveway. This is a fun job and one even the kids will love to do.

Add some greenery a few potted or hanging plants to frame the door and entrance is a nice touch of color and an excellent way to add to curb appeal. A low-cost hanging basket is easy to find, and you can make your own potted plant combinations with hardy annuals.

Add color to the door a fresh coat of paint or stain on the front door makes your entrance more inviting. Sand the door first and then follow the directions for the paint or stain of your choice. This is a great project to do over the weekend and will provide amazing results.

Change out house numbers with just a screwdriver you can update the look of your home by changing out old numbers for something new. Consider a stylized or oversized number or perhaps choose a brass, copper or brushed steel for a new look.


Welcome mats there are many different styles of welcome mats from funny to sophisticated. Shopping online will give you the best selection, and they will be delivered right to your home, saving you the hassle of having to go shopping.

By keeping it simple, you can quickly enhance the curb appeal of your home in a weekend. These are fun projects the whole family can help with, making them a perfect way to spend time with the kids while sprucing up the house.

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