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5 tips to create your

Family Command Center

There is always a happy-sad part of having the kids head back to school. There is the sadness of not having the little ones around the house, but there is also the joy of knowing the home is going to look the same when you come back, as it did when you left. The latest trend in taking control of the home for back to school is by creating a "family command center". Even if you are not a super organized person, just the idea of being in control of a command center is going to up your game, and it will also make your kids take notice as well.  The family command center is a place to get, and stay, organized all through the year. Think of it is a hotspot for efficiency and you will be on the right track.

1. Location counts Think of the most popular spot in the home and locate your zone in this area. Often it will be off the kitchen or in the family living area. It needs to be readily available and practical.

2. Add Storage

You need to have a lot of storage space that is easy to access and highly visible. Don't get old style cabinet and drawers, instead look to open shelves and storage options to offer a lot of visibility. Think of the type of things you will need to organize and choose binders, portfolios, bins and other forms of storage containers that suit your needs.

3.Electronics central Your command space will also be home to all the gadgets. This includes tablets, smartphones, and laptops, allowing parents to keep track of items. Run charging cables onto shelves and use clips and hooks to keep cables organized and prevent hours spent looking for devices and cables.


4. Display area

Use a cork board, white board or a combination of options to keep items that need to be seen clearly visible. Large items can be stored in wall-mounted pocket folders, one for each child.

5. Everything Needed

Keep pencils, pens, note paper and supplies on shelves or in bins or baskets at the command center. Busy parents don't need to hunt items down; they are always there at your fingertips.

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