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Easy Ways To Prep For Tax Season

Every year businesses and individuals brace themselves for tax season. While it is always the same time, it seems to creep up on everyone, or perhaps everyone is just putting off taking the time to prepare for tax time.


Ways to Save Cash For The Holidays

The holidays at the end of the year are eagerly looked forward to by most, but what they don’t look forward to is the massive overspending that occurs far too often, creating financial issues that last through the beginning of the New Year. Fortunately, there is quite a few way you can be saving cash for the holidays....


Gardeners in the Bay Area are at an advantage when autumn comes around the weather we have is mild and encourages that we get out there, dirty our hands and brighten our days.


5 tips to create your Family Command Center

There is always a happy-sad part of having the kids head back to school. There is the sadness of not having the little ones around the house,

but there is also the joy of knowing the home ...


5 Best Drought Tolerant Plants For a Beautiful Garden

This Seasons Hottest

Paint Trends

Every year there are popular paint colors that are used in designer, custom and showhomes, as well as home renovations all over the country. Some years these colors tend to be unique and specific to a design or color scheme, while other years neutral colors tend to be front and center....



Living in California doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful, low maintenance garden. There are several drought resistant garden plants that make colorful additions to any landscaped area.  The following are the perfect plants to save on water and time....



Easy Curb Appeal Projects

To Tackle This Weekend

Hosting A Magazine Worthy

Dinner Party

Let’s face it, keeping a home looking great, especially when you are busy with work, kids and trying to balance a budget, can be a difficult task. It can seem overwhelming, especially if you spend any time watching home renovation shows or reading online about lengthy projects to give your home a new, updated look...



There are some simple, easy options to hosting a wonderful dinner party without having to take out a personal loan to cover the cost of food, decorations and those little extra touches. With just a bit of advanced planning, you can create a memorable evening that will certainly stand out as a great dinner...



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