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Muir Woods National Monument

Get Out of Town And Take a Muir Woods Day Trip

You have heard of vacations and stay-cations, but how about a unique day-cation not too far away from the East Bay in Redwood Country. A Muir Woods day trip is just what the doctor ordered to relax, unwind and enjoy the great outdoors. Muir Woods is a beautiful, natural park that is a perfect place for the whole family and a great place to just get out of town without having to travel.  Just an hour drive from the East Bay, this is a perfect spot to imagine you are back in another time and place. If you are one of those people that hates parking issues, consider taking the Muir Woods shuttle. The shuttles run on the weekends from April to October, but outside of those months and on weekdays, parking is rarely a problem if you arrive early.


Not Your Average Forest


Muir Woods is not your typical forest, with the well-maintained trails, you can easily push a stroller or pull a wagon, perfect for smaller children or toddlers. Your older kids will be amazed to see the giant redwood trees, many which are between 400 and 800 years of age. The tallest trees in the forest are 250 feet tall, still massive but not close to the record redwood height of over 370 feet.

Of course, you will see other types of vegetation on your Muir Woods day trip including California big leaf maples and towering Douglas fir trees. On the forest floor, you will see ferns, redwood sorrel, and some cool fungi, which are always a hit with the younger crowd.


The Redwood Creek runs through the forest, and the bridges are a wonderful place for some truly spectacular photographs. You may be lucky enough to see fingerling Coho salmon in the water or perhaps spot some playful river otters. Other critters and birds you will see include woodpeckers, owls, chipmunks, deer and the always chatting squirrels. There are even skunk sightings, but they are relatively rare, and the skunks will simply toddle on their way if not disturbed or frightened.


Take A Hike

For those who enjoy a bit more of a challenge, consider starting your Muir Woods day trip at this park, and then hiking a Mt. Tamalpais State Park trail that will provide you breathtaking views of the mountains and the ocean. In Muir Woods itself, there are three trails to take ranging from 2 miles to just over 5 miles in length. They loop around, taking you through the old growth forest, along the stream, and across bridges, making it a great experience and one you won't soon forget.

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