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Your Fall Gardening Guide

Gardeners in the Bay Area are at an advantage when autumn comes around the weather we have is mild and encourages that we get out there, dirty our hands and brighten our days.


Brighten up Your Planters


Living in Northern California means you do not have to say goodbye to potted plants. You can keep them thriving outdoors well into the wee months of what those other states call winter. This fall, go bold, go bright and take advantage of the seasonal warmth. Consider the beauty and great novelty of Dwarf Pomegranates, Iceberg Roses,  pink or red Japonica or Camellia Sasanqua. Healthy Camellias will flower from winter into spring adding bright dashes of color even as the first spring bulbs make their appearance.

Bulb Planting


 Autumn is a time to plant bulbs. Plant bulbs and choose seasonal blooms to brighten your garden. Favorites include:


 •    Allium

 •    Anemones

 •    Crocus

 •    Daffodils

 •    Freesias

 •    Grape Hyacinths

 •    Hyacinth

 •    Iris

 •    Snowdrops

 •    Tulips



Growing Vegetables


While not every vegetable thrives in cool weather, you can plant and reap many different vegetables. Spend time preparing, pre-planting and then actually planting such vitamin-enriched crops. This is the time, to plant beets, broccoli, garlic, leeks, peas, carrots, lettuce and spinach.


Fall Gardening in California


The climate allows gardeners the chance to extend their passion into the fall and winter months.  What are you waiting for, get out there and have fun!





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